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Modul Game Engine Programming

(Game Engine Programming)

Modul:113521 Game Engine Programming (Wahlpflichtmodul im Hauptstudium)
Modulverantwortlicher:Prof. Dr. Stefan Radicke
ECTS-min./max.: 6 / 6
Workload: 6 ECTS x 30 = 180 hours
Modulprüfung: MP
  • Students gain the ability to design effective and reusable software architectures for high-performance environments. This includes the utilization of common, as well as game-specific software design patterns and interface abstraction techniques to build a flexible, customizable and reusable game engine from the ground up.
  • Detailed knowledge of game engine subsystems and their inter-dependencies are attained. Participants acquire the skill to plan and implement reference counting objects, container classes, memory management utilities, mathematical structures, accurate timing routines, resource loading and streaming systems, multi-threaded algorithms, and the integration of a 3D environmental sound framework.
  • Students gain the skill to analyze, evaluate and assess the time-, performance-, and memory-characteristics of high-performance real-time software systems. This includes deep knowledge of several well-known algorithms, their specific use-cases and respective optimization techniques. In this context, a deep understanding and appreciation of the performance characteristics of modern multi-core architectures is earned. Students can write and optimize algorithms for improved cache-efficiency, memory utilization, task concurrency, and data parallelism.
  • Students acquire the ability to competently and confidently develop large, interdependent software systems utilizing a test-driven approach. They can both realize subsystem functionality based on given unit-test scenarios as well as plan and execute their own automated test cases.
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113521a Game Engine Programming V, P 4 6
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