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Part-Time, Extra-Occupational Master Program (M.Sc.) German English

Data Science and Business Analytics

| Data science and Business Analytics are concerned with the discovery of previously unknown relationships in the huge corporate databases, (Big Data), with the view to gain from new knowledge, for example looking at possible business segments, potential customers or new products.

| The master degree program, Data Science and Business Analytics, is a five semester comprehensive, extra-occupational training course, which is tailored to the needs of professionals.

What are the target groups?

| Target groups are professional business analysts with a degree in economics who want to work in the art of data science; professionals with computer science, mathematics or an engineering degree who wish to train in the art of business analytics.

The target group also includes personnel departments who wish to take a master's degree program in their personnel development concept, (Incentive Management), or want to be in the position to make a special offer for the recruitment of talented graduates (talent management).

What is the didactic concept?

| The didactic concept integrates professional experience and professional knowledge in the study. Our blended learning concept combines multi-day, traditional classroom seminars with a modern e-learning learning platform. The IT labs are located in a modern cloud IT infrastructure and are easily accessible on the Internet.

| A semester includes three modules, each lasting two months and will be carried out sequentially.
| Within each of about ten days of attendance per semester new themes and new knowledge are taught with top-class practice and by highly knowledgable representatives.

  • Visits and discussions with industrial companies are an integral part of the course.
  • Specific tasks are executed in workshops in the Business Intelligence and Big Data Labs of our university.
  • The latest IT systems, such as SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson and the Microsoft Azure platform with Machine Learning, SQL Server and a Hadoop cluster on Azure are available.

| The Masters program is offered by an international team of teachers who are professors from the Stuttgart Media University, the partner universities and practitioners who are committed to professional training for the participants. Support is provided either in German or English. The teaching materials are in English.

What are the objectives of the program?

| Our goal is to train Data Scientists and Business Analysts and prepare them to take on challenging projects within the area of business analytics, data science and big data.

| The program has the seal of approval of the German Accreditation Council. The successful completion of the studies also enables the participant to apply for a PhD program.

What are the contents of the study?

| As part of the study the participants will be engaged to develop and deepen their expertise in the 12 modules.

What are the admission requirements?

| The program is primarily aimed at motivated business analysts, consultants and professionals who

  • own a first class degree, (Bachelor with 210 ECTS or diploma), in a MINT* field of study or in business studies, or alternatively
  • own a first class degree, (Bachelor of 180 ECTS), in a MINT* field of study or in business studies and wish to provide additional power,
  • have at least 1 year of professional experience after their first degree and
  • have basic knowledge of business and 
  • have a good knowledge of English
* MINT: mathematics, computer science or engineering science, technology science

| For professionals with a bachelor's degree, we have university certificates that allow an entry into the study at a later date without loss of time.

What advantages to graduates?

Data science and business analytics medium and long-term, count towards the major issues of the future.

  • The program takes 2.5 years and can be completed in an extra-occupational capacity.
  • The online share is about 60%.
  • The program is suitable for training as part of staff development.
  • The professional and earning prospects are excellent.
  • The program has the seal of approval of the German Accreditation Council. The successful completion of the studies also entitles the participant to apply for a PhD program

When can I apply?

Admission to the program takes place once per year in the winter semester, (September 1).

Application deadline: July 15th
to start on September 1st

What does it cost?

The tuition fee is 3,900 euros per semester.

Whom can I contact?

|  For questions, please contact:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Lehmann
Stuttgart Media University
Nobelstrasse 10
70569 Stuttgart

|  lehmann@hdm-stuttgart.de

|  Telefone-Hotline: +49 1575 - 68 02 960

|  Download Studiengangsflyer



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