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Former Exchange Students' Stories

Former Exchange Student' Stories

Who better than former exchange students themselves can tell you what it is like to spend an exchange semester at Stuttgart Media University?

Please find below a few selected reports. Enjoy!

Marjolein Overdevest

Hogeschool Inholland, Netherlands

Paola Hidalgo

Technical University of Ambato, Ecuador

„Studying a semester abroad in Germany has meant to me the opportunity to gain enriching experiences in every way.“ [read more]

Thomas C. Begin

Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States

„I now see myself different and see myself stronger and with more ambition to utilize throughout life. I have a new sense of pride in myself that I was able to make it through this journey, and not only survive here but thrive.“ [read more]

Cristina Ruiz Moreno

University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

„If someone asks me about my Erasmus experience in the Hochschule der Medien - Stuttgart, I couldn’t be more happy to talk about it.“ [read more]


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