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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

International students are permitted to study at German higher education institutions only with a valid and appropriate health insurance. You will need to present proof of an adequate insurance policy at the latest when you enroll. This is the condition for your right of stay (immigration status) and enrolment arrangements. Statutory insurance tariffs vary because each health insurance provider can levy individual additional contributions.

If you are not a student from EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland and/or don’t have the EHIC European Health Insurance Card, a GHIC (students from the UK), or another accepted document, you will need to obtain an insurance policy. Other students from countries, with which Germany has a bilateral social security agreement including an insurance clause, should be able to continue to be covered by their home health insurance carrier whilst in Germany.

Should you not have any of the above, we will prepare an interim membership document for a German insurance policy for you. Most exchange students take this insurance. We can help you finalize the policy for you as part of the orientation program, or you can organise for a governmental policy yourself. The insurance costs vary depending on the provider. The monthly contribution is currently between approx 120-125 EUR (April 2024). Please note, that not all policies will be accepted.

Please also take into account, that most travel insurance policies do not meet the minimum criteria set by the German state. We therefore strongly advise against taking out travel insurance only, as it might mean that you are not eligible for an additional statutory health insurance!

For more information please visit the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) website.
Please also download an illustrated health dictionary of the German National Association for Student Affairs (Deutsches Studentenwerk) website or here.