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Business information is distributed all over a company‘s ecosystem: from operational enterprise resource planning (ERP), to CRM systems towards social media platforms and external open or market research data. The Minor Program Business Analytics focuses on the management, integration and usage of business information which is stored in large heterogeneous and distributed information systems. You will learn how to use modern Business Intelligence and Data Science software and apply them to interesting use cases.

Within the Minor the students will be able to:

  • get practical training with real use cases from our industry partners.
  • become familiar with modern Business Intelligence software, such as Microsoft Data Tools and Power BI.
  • learn about methods and technologies for Business Intelligence, multidimensional modelling and implementation of decision support systems, such as Dimensional Fact Model, Data Preparation and Data Visualisation.
  • gain an understanding of the objectives and tasks of Business Intelligence systems and learn how to analyse business information with self-service-tools, such as Microsoft Power BI.
  • implement a data warehouse system from scratch. Learn about data extraction, transformation and loading processes and how data mining can be used as a Business Intelligence application. We use Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools and Excel PowerPivot.
  • learn how to design and implement a Big Data scenario in an international student team.
  • aain an understanding of natural language processing and text mining methods. apply machine learning methods to unstructured text data.
  • work with Python and Python libraries like NumPy, pandas and scikit-learn. learn about the technical & organisational challenges when building a digital product (e.g. an app) with focus on agile & iterative methodology and the “try-fail-repeat” learning cycle.

Requirements: This Minor is most suitable for students of Information Systems or Business Administration who are interested in Business Analytics. Other students are also welcome; they should bring some basic knowledge of data bases, business processes and Business Information Systems.



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