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Integrated Product Design

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The world becomes increasingly interconnected, globalised and digitalised. These developments pose numerous challenges and opportunities that also directly influence the way we produce and use products. The Minor program Integrated Product Design responds to this increasingly complex context of product development and provides international students with valuable input for the skill set needed to develop future-proof and sustainable products and product-service systems.
The Minor program is structured in a modular way. This makes the program suitable for both beginning and advanced students. The program structure also allows students to follow their personal interests by choosing between a studio-based design project and a research-based design project. Students will also select from a number of additional courses to complement the chosen project.
During the Minor program, the international students team up with the HdM degree students. This way, all students build a strong and versatile creative community, which greatly enhances their learning experience on many different levels. After completing the Minor program, and depending on the choice of projects and courses, students will have acquired practical as well as methodical skills in the areas of design research or project work. Students will further have gained knowledge in the areas of typography and creative printing, usability engineering and innovation management, as well as sustainable design.

In order to attend this Minor, students are required to have a CEFR level B2 in English (i.e. intermediate/upper intermediate) or higher. Students are also required to submit a short design portfolio as part of the application process. The portfolio needs to be submitted as a web link (preferred) or a PDF file, and it should consist of between 3 and 9 pieces of work.


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