Semester Fees 

Each enrolled student will pay the following fees per semester (valid from WS 2021/2022):

  • Contribution to administrative costs 70.00 EUR
  • Contribution to the Verfasste Studierendenschaft (VS)/Students‘ Union 15.00 EUR
  • Contribution to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart 121.00 EUR (74.00 EUR Studierendenwerk/ 47.00 EUR VVS)

If you have any questions regarding the VS contribution, please contact the Verfasste Studierendenschaft directly.

Re-registration Deadlines

Fees and contributions for the coming semester must be paid during the re-registration period. Please keep the following re-registration deadlines:

  • for summer semester: 01 February
  • for winter semester: 01 August

If you re-register after the above-mentioned deadlines, you will also need to pay a late registration fee of 10.00 EUR.

Other Fees

Please note that further fees may apply.

Extra tuition fees are charged for part-time, continuing education courses of study in accordance with the Statutes on the Collection of Fees and Expenses at the Hochschule der Medien. Specific regulations might apply.

Withdrawal from Studies

Should you wish to withdraw from your place of study, you can arrange for reimbursement of the already paid fees (administrative cost contribution and VS contribution) by using the following application form. The form for reimbursement of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart part of the fees must be received by the Studierendenwerk by the end of the 1st month of the semester in question. Please note the current contribution regulations of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Note on the Reimbursement of Fees

In accordance with § 12 of the State University Fees Act (Landeshochschulgebührengesetz), the administrative fee will be refunded by the HdM in the event of exmatriculation within one month of the start of the lecture period. The same applies to the reimbursement of the contribution to the "Verfasste Studierendenschaft" (Students‘ Union) on the basis of § 4 of the VS contribution statutes. Pursuant to § 6 Paragraph 3 of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart Fee Regulations, the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart fee is refunded upon application to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart if exmatriculation has taken place at the end of the 1st month of the semester. The application must be received by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart by the end of the 1st month of the semester.


Payment of your semester fee / re-registration for the SUMMER Semester 2022

Re-registration period for the Summer Semester 2022 is expected to be open January 13th until February 1st 2022.

All students must re-register - even if you have a practical semester, take leave of absence, or are studying abroad.

Re-registration is not required if you have already completed all examinations (including submission of your Bachelor's or Master's thesis) required for successful completion of the degree programme or will complete them by the end of the semester (28. February 2022).

Part-time students in continuing Master's degree programmes should  also use the self-service function to pay the tuition fees. You will also receive a fee notification letter by post.

Re-registration via the SB-Funktion

Please use the SB-Funktion ( for your re-registration.

The link will take you step by step through the "Payment and Re-registration" and the "Direct Debit Mandate" processes.

As part of the re-registration process, you will arrange for the semester fee or/and tuition fees to be debited from your account. The fees will be debited from your account approximately two weeks after your re-registration.

Immediately after completing the re-registration, you can print out your certificate of enrolment for the Summer Semester 2022 and update the semester stamp on your student ID card at the validation stations at HdM.

Semester Fees and Tuition Fees

The semester fee this semester is 206.00 EUR.

This amount includes the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart fee of 121.00 EUR, the administrative fee of 70.00 EUR and the fee for the Verfasste Studierendenschaft (Students‘ Union) of 15.00 EUR.

International students (non-EU, start of studies from WS 17/18) have to pay additional tuition fees of 1.500,00 EUR, students of a second degree programme have to pay additional tuition fees of 650,00 EUR. You can be exempted from these additional tuition fees during the placement semester or if taking leave of absence.

You can also check your fee account through the self-service functions (SB-Funktionen). If you are unclear or the debit amount is not correct, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (

Payment of the Semester Fee (and Tuition Fees)

To pay the semester fee/tuition fees, you must issue a SEPA direct debit mandate as part of the re-registration process and after that arrange for the payment. For security reasons, the direct debit mandate must be re-issued every semester. You will need your IBAN number to initiate the direct debit. If you are using a non-German account, you will also need your BIC number. The semester fee can only be debited from your own current account.

Payment Errors and Fees for Late Payments

In the following cases, the direct debit order you issued through the online re-registration will not be accepted, and a return debit note is issued:

  • You are not the account owner for the account you gave the IBAN for
  • You submitted details of a savings account / a credit card
  • Your account does not have enough funds

A return debit note will result in cancellation of the re-registration. An additional return debit note fee of 20.00 EUR will be charged.

For a  late payment (from 02.02.2022 until 28.02.2022), a late payment surcharge of 10.00 EUR will be added to the total amount. A late payment surcharge of 10.00 EUR will also be charged if the direct debit mandate was created on time but the actual payment is not triggered thereafter.