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Start-Up Boot Camp in the Corporate Entrepreneurship Capital of Germany 

6 May 2019 – 16 May 2019

Optional Excursion to Berlin or Amsterdam, 17 – 19 May 2019

Program Itinerary | Cost | Accomodation | Getting to Stuttgart | Program Flyer | Course Description


Program Description:

This program enables you to learn how to turn an innovative idea into a business and financial model. Explore relevant methods for investment and financing decisions, including: business cases and business plans. Attend workshops with a strong focus on action learning. Utilizing lean startup methodology, you will validate your hypothesis and develop a fully-fledged business model with a focus on the product-market fit. Upon successful completions of the program, you will be awarded 6 ECTS/credits.


You will develop knowledge and skills in the following: 

•Design Thinking and Creativity for Entrepreneurship

•Achieving Business Model Fit, Traction, Scaling the business

•Customer Discovery and Development, Product-Market-Fit

•Change and People Management

•Bringing innovation into existing organizations


What does it cost?

1,250€ Program Tuition Fee.

However, for students from partner schools of the HdM, the fee is waived and there is no program cost.

(Yes, it is true: Sometimes the best things in life really are free.)


Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and social activities.


Find more information on accommodation in Stuttgart here.

Find directions on reaching campus from the Stuttgart city center, here


Limited spaces available. Send a letter of motivation and your resume (attached as a .pdf) to:


Program Itinerary:

The Entreneurship Boot Camp, kicks off its start in Stuttgart: you will spend 2 days in Stuttgart#s renown Startup Highway and 1 day at TEKON Prüftechnik GmbH in Kernen. The rest of the Spring School will be held at the HdM campus. A more detailed course description can be found here.

Arrival in Stuttgart

Monday, May 6th: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Lego Serious Play Challenge, Startup Safari in Stuttgart

Tuesday, May 7th: Ideation session, Design Thinking and Creativity for Entrepreneurship, Problem-Solution-Fit

Wednesday, May 8th: Business Model Generation, Customer Discovery and Development, Product-Market-Fit

Thursday, May 9th: Achieving Business Model Fit, Traction, Scaling the business

Friday, May 10th: Change and People Management, bringing innovation into existing organization

Saturday, May 11th: Change and People Management Simulation

Sunday, May 12th: Field trip to Munich (optional)

Monday, May 13th: Wrap-up Financing Startups and the valuation of a startup

Tuesday/Wednesday May 14th/15th: Work on assignments, validation and prototyping, optional pitch training, teams have access to the sandbox co-working space and the “Hobbyhimmel” maker space.

Thursday, May 16th : Oral exams and final pitches, Farewell-BBQ

Friday – Sunday: visit Berlin or Amsterdam (optional)


Final paper (individual reflection paper) is due 4 weeks after the spring school for international students (German students take part in the ASAP-competition) and submit their final paper by the end of August. Must be completed by deadline in order to receive course credit.


Flyer: Download



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