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Students of Print Media Management are concerned with the current demands of the printing and media as well as the packaging industries. Alongside the development, production and marketing of classic printed media and new on- and offline media, effective company management and the relevant technologies are the focuses of this degree programme. Once per semester, the students publish information and news about their degree programme in a brochure which they have designed and produced themselves: PMM insight.

Contents and Structure

From the winter semester 2012/13, Print Media Management offers two advanced specialisations: Engineering Management for Printing and Media, and for Packaging Technology. In this seven-semester degree programme, students are trained for later management positions. They learn how to think in a businesslike and responsible way and to develop new potentials which take into account economic, technical, practice-oriented and ecological perspectives.

The basic part of the degree programme covers topics from management, mathematics and the natural sciences: in the first two semesters, students receive a thorough grounding in the processes and procedures involved in the printing and media and the packaging industries. In the main part of the degree programme, the teaching is concentrated on management-related topics. These include information and production management, costing and technology management, finances and business management, as well as advanced courses in printing or packaging technology. In addition, students can choose individually from a range of further electives.

Students gain hands-on experience in the practical semester. This can be undertaken in a printing and media company or a packaging firm, at home or abroad. Under supervision from a manager in the company, the students are concerned with economic, technical and organisational interrelationships. The future graduates are thus brought into contact with concrete tasks and are encouraged to work independently on them.


A range of professional perspectives are open to graduates, especially in medium-sized or international companies, associations and allied institutions in the printing and media and packaging industries. Similarly, job opportunities are to be found in supply companies which deal with products, equipment and installations as well as in consulting companies.

Graduates obtain positions mostly in medium-sized companies; these can be in sales, in manufacture and production planning and management, in logistics and materials, or in accountancy. In larger printing, media and packaging companies, graduates take on responsibilities in finances, in accountancy, in company planning, in distribution and controlling, and in production/works management and in business management. As an alternative to entering the job market directly, students may extend their knowledge by enrolling for the Master’s degree programme Print & Publishing.


The degree programme with both specialisations starts in the winter and summer semester. Student places are limited.

Contact Persons

Dean of Studies:

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Schädel LL.M.  Elektronische Visitenkarte
190, Nobelstraße 10 (Technikbau)
+49 711 8923-2198
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Examination Office:

Petra Barner  Elektronische Visitenkarte
117, Nobelstraße 10 (Hörsaalbau)
+49 711 8923-2105

Student Office:

Sylvia Weiß  Elektronische Visitenkarte
034, Nobelstraße 10 (Hauptgebäude)
+49 711 8923-2084

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