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Packaging Technology

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Packaging is more than just a brown cardboard box! It has to be constructed, designed and printed. The packaging of a product is more important now than ever. Whether a product is destined for the overseas market or for the supermarket around the corner, it must always be packaged. The degree programme in Packaging Technology has already been concerned with this area for 40 years.

Contents and Structure

Producing good packaging requires the ability to think and work constructively. Designers must have imagination but also aptitude in economic matters. The seven-semester degree programme is based on engineering, mathematics and the natural sciences and students acquire a systematic knowledge of the following areas:

  • Packaging materials, manufacture, properties, processing and uses
  • Construction and design of packaging
  • Packaging machines, packaging and filling processes
  • Management and packaging marketing
  • Printing of packaging
  • Project management, quality management, logistics

In the main part of the degree programme, students can decide on a particular focus by choosing electives from the areas of technology, economics, management, law and design. Alongside traditional lectures, they extend their knowledge and skills in practical assignments and workshops which take place in cooperation with industry. There are cooperative projects between the degree programmes in Packaging Technlogy and in Printing and Media Technology and the Centre for Flexographic Printing DFTA-TZ. At Stuttgart Media University there is a large laboratory with modern machinery for practical work. To complement the students’ studies, excursions are offered throughout the degree programme which give the students the opportunity to gain insight into companies in various branches.


The growing importance of packaging and logistics within companies means that graduates have many opportunities for promotion. Their fields of work are broader than just developing packaging. They work in buying and selling packaging, in the planning and development of large packaging series, in market research or in logistics. Alternatively, they can extend their knowledge by enrolling for the Master’s degree programme in Packaging, Design and Marketing.


The degree programme starts in the winter and summer semester. Student places are limited.

Contact Persons

Dean of Studies:

Prof. Dr. Michael Herrenbauer  Elektronische Visitenkarte
180, Nobelstraße 10 (Technikbau)
+49 711 8923-2733
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Examination Office:

Ilse Feldmann  Elektronische Visitenkarte
114, Nobelstraße 10 (Hörsaalbau)
+49 711 8923-2107
0711 8923-2108

Student Office:

Dominik Moser  Elektronische Visitenkarte
033, Nobelstraße 10 (Hauptgebäude)
+49 711 8923-2086

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