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Audiovisual Media (offered for the last time in winter semester 17/18)

Audiovisual Media is a program that combines both theory and practice, providing students with a strong understanding of media concepts as well as a thorough exposure to media production processes and craft. Students apply this knowledge by producing their own ideas in the areas of film, video and television, sound, traditional computer animation, interactive media, internet and event media. The quality and creativity of their work is regularly recognized by nominations and awards at national and international festivals. 

Students may compose their individual schedules by selecting courses from the following list. Please note that it is NOT possible to choose and combine courses from different study programs. Exception: Students may combine courses from Audiovisual Media with courses from "Language Culture and Society", see list below.

Please note that due to limited lab capacities there is a restricted number of spots and not all course requests can be taken into consideration. Please also note that applications can only be considered if the student's home institution has an agreement with HdM in this specific field of study.


Audiovisual Media


221200 Graphic Arts (5 participants max.) 6 ECTS
221201 Screen Design (5 participants max.) 6 ECTS



Photography / Fotografie

221015 Media History and Analysis / Mediengeschichte und - analyse (1 + 2) 8 ECTS
221400 Issues in Media Studies / Medienwissenschaft (only winter semester) 4 ECTS
253300 Filmic Art and Narrative (Genres and Storytelling) / Filmgestaltung 5 ECTS
221324 Film production project / Studioproduktion Film 1 (T+G) 16 ECTS
253302 Screenwriting and Storytelling / Dramaturgie/Szenographie 5 ECTS
253401 The Theory and Practice of Documentary Making / Entwicklung und Gestaltung von Dokumentarberichten 5 ECTS
253303 Regie und Inszenierung / Directing for Stage and Screen 5 ECTS
221151 Inszenierung 1 4 ECTS
221403 Film History / Filmgeschichte (only summer semester) 4 ECTS
Campus Television "stufe" (max. 3 participants)
34204 Media, Culture and Society / Medien, Kultur, Gesellschaft 2 ECTS

Contact for Audiovisual Media

Name: Prof. Dr. Stephen Lowry
Function: Professor Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft
Phone: 0049 711 8923-2224
E-Mail: lowry@hdm-stuttgart.de


Courses that can be added to Audiovisual Media courses:


Language, Culture and Society


22430 English-Beginner* 2 ECTS
22425 English-Refresher* 2 ECTS
22433 Business-Skills – Meetings* 2 ECTS
22432 Business-Skills – Presentations* 2 ECTS
22427 Professional Applications Package* 2 ECTS
22428 Professional Online Competence* 2 ECTS
22429 Intercultural Communication* 2 ECTS
22421 Expert English – 1* 2 ECTS
22420 Media and Society* 2 ECTS
22424 Expert English - 2* 2 ECTS

* Please note that you will have to apply for these courses (in advance). For application and for further information feel free to contact Dr. Barbara Garzia-Jansen, Director HdM Language Center: garzia-jansen@hdm-stuttgart.de


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