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Online Media Management

We welcome students from universities around the world to our Minor Program Online Media Management!

This Minor will give students an overview of international, social, and economic aspects of the media industry. It provides the opportunity to study the various aspects of online media such as managing online media projects or developing online content in depth.

Online Media Management


Part 1: Online Media

Multimedia Storytelling 5 ECTS
International Media Research 5 ECTS
International Media 2 ECTS
Media and Culture 2 ECTS

Part 2: Management

Leadership and Management

Introduction to International Business 3 ECTS
Strategic Management 3 ECTS
Digital Transformation 3 ECTS

Part 3: Language Skills

German Language Course 2 ECTS

The Minor consists of theoretical classes and practical assignments in which students discuss and analyze important issues in the media industry and gain hands-on experience.

Topics include: Business and financial models of media companies, challenges in the internationalization of media products, production of media content and trends in the media industry.

If you are interested in being a part of an international team of students, Online Media Management offers a variety of teaching methods, such as traditional lectures, case studies, e-learning modules and guest speakers

To attend this Minor you are required to have a CEFR level B2 or higher in English (i.e. intermediate/upper intermediate). You do not need any prior experience or knowledge in business-relevant topics in the media industry.

Online Media Management is offered both during winter and summer semester.

Your contact at the faculty:

Name: Tamara Ebner
Function: International Coordinator of 'Online Media Management'
Phone: +49 711 8923-3191
E-Mail: ebner@hdm-stuttgart.de
For further information see the Online Media Management Flyer (An Updated Flyer for 2018 following soon) or visit the Website of the degree programme Online Media Management.
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