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If your planned teaching or fellowship at HdM is of a longer duration, you will need to follow the steps below, to ensure that you are within compliance of the legal requirements for registering as a temporary resident in Stuttgart and Germany. Please consult the international office at HdM to inquire whether your stay would require you to register.





Registration in the City
Please note that in Germany, there is a manditory of registration of all people in each city, who plan on staying in Germany for any reason other than tourism. You must register in the civic office (Bürgerburo) in your city within 14 days of entry. This also applies to accompanying family members. Click here for the registration form (The form must be completed in the German version, but for your reference, here is the same form in English, to help with the process)
In addition to the registration form, you will also need your identity card / passport, and a confirmation from your landlord to register
. This is to be completed by the landlord and signed. With this document, the landlord is confirming that you actually live at the address you have provided.


Registration for the GEZ. (in german) More information about this mandatory registration, here

(3) Opening a bank account
(4) Applying for a visa for non-EU citizens

Health Insurance

Germany has a comprehensive social security system. The basis for this is the so-called solidarity principle. Social insurance consists of health, long-term care, unemployment and accident insurance. Every employee with an employment contract must pay social insurance contributions that are deducted directly from the salary. Scholarship holders are exempted from social security contributions, with the exception of health insurance. Detailed information on social security can be found on the Euraxess website.We recommend in addition to the health insurance an additional a liability insurance.

a) Residence permit with a HdM work contract

If you are on an employment contract with the Hochschule der Medien, you must pay a mandatory contribution to the social insurance.

Once you have started your job, the HR department will take the necessary steps to register for insurance. You register with the selected mandatory health insurance, which then informs the other social security institutions.

b) Residence permit with a fellowship

If you receive a scholarship or are coming to HdM on a fellowship, you must be privately insured. You can do this in Germany or in your home country. Often the scholarship or fellowship provider arranges a health insurance for the stay in Germany.
(6) Registering accompanying children in school or Kindergarten (if applicable)
(7) Registering a personal vehicle (if applicable)
(8) Registering for a language course


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