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Tandem programme

How does learning by tandem work?

Language tandem is an open method for learning languages where two persons from different cultures and mother tongues regularly meet each other in order to improve their language skills. Whether your are an international student who is looking for a chance to practice speaking German, or a German student who is preparing to study abroad, the language tandem lets you team up with a native speaker who is currently learning your mother tongue. What, where and when you would like to learn is up to you. The important thing is to speak half the time in a language and the other half in the other one. The tandem programme is free of charge and can be used independently from a language course.

How to take part in the Tandem Exchange

To participate in the tandem programme, please use the form below to search for a matching language partner. When you found someone matching you can send a contact message.

You can also register yourself so that other people can find and contact you. Your data are treated confidentially. When you register you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link through which you can withdraw your registration if you like to.

Further details, for example when, where and how often you will meet, you can arrange with your language partner after you got in contact.


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