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Current Projects

Current Research Projects of the IXD Group

Digital Storytellings an innovative didactic approach for economics education

The goal of this project ist to improve retail businss training by focusing a competency and action orientation. Learners should understand the importance of knowledge and the actual usage of both economic processes und structures for their future jobs. Using storytelling we want to labilize students emotionally to train their capability apply their knowledge in terms of a vocational action competency. Until December 2017 we will develop a concept for an transmedial story-based learning environment with several partners in retail business training. The concept will be implemented and evaluated with management assistants working in retail within their vocational training. The team at Stuttgart Media University is responsible for the scientific support and evaluation of the project itself and its results.

Conception and Design of an instruction video

The HdM is currently working on a project with Whirlpool in Schorndorf. Goal is to understand the process of critical parameter management and to create an informative instruction video. Critical Parameter Management is an engineering practice specifically aimed at maintaining the robustness of a system through detailed design and manufacturing. The video will be designed for engineers and aims to give an overview of the whole process.


Since the beginning of 2014 the project team of Design4Xperience has been working on the question of how to support small and medium-sized software companies to successfully integrate positive user experience into their processes and products. The project will run until the end of 2016 and is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Until now the focus throughout software development has been on technical functionality and effective and efficient user guidance. Usability is about the avoidance of disturbances, obstacles, and stress. User experience refers to the feelings, emerging while using a product or service. Fundamental for a positive user experience is the satisfaction of human needs, e.g., competence or connectivity. Products with a positive user experience are used more often. They lead to a positive attitude toward the product and the producer. Furthermore positive user experience can increase users' motivation and their creativity while solving problems.

For further information please visit our project website:


The project “3D-GUIde” aims to develop 3D-Interaction-Patterns to support 3D-oriented SMEs to improve their software – with a focus on intuitive use and positive experiences - and how they develop new software.
Part of the project consortium beside the Information Experience and Design Research Group are the University Würzburg, the Virtual Dimension Center in Fellbach, and four companies located in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and will run until October 2018.

The applications for 3D-Software are constantly expanding and are finding their way into the construction and planning of products and buildings, into computer game design and film animation, and even into medical and physical simulations.
Due to that, new user groups are starting to use 3D-Software and have to be able to use the software with little effort and practice although they all have a different previous knowledge.
To ensure this, the main focus of the Information Experience and Design Research Group is the development of patterns that support intuitive use and a positive experience regarding competence.

For further information please visit our project website:

From 2D to 3D: On the way to an intuitive interactiondesign (image source:
(c) / sgursozlu).
The project consortium at the kickoff-event on 8th December 2015 in Fellbach.


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