Peter Herman, Laurent Grimaldi, Gerd Carl

Development of knowledge and press-test based Heatset training simulator


Printing has evolved over the last decades. Training technology, for industry and education, has to follow.

This article will describe the implementation of a new generation Heatset press training simulator; its goals, means, methods and results.

The development was done in two stages:

1. The first step was to identify and model significant variables in the Heatset process that should appear in a training environment. Test scenarios were implemented so the results could be validated. This was done by a multinational group of industrial and academic partners coordinated by Sinapse: UPM, SUN Chemical, Goss International, Trelleborg, MegTec, HUT, KCL/VTT. This was a 3-year process.

2. Further paper and fault specific extensions were specified, analyzed and implemented in a 2-year project by UPM, KCL/VTT and Sinapse. The simulator architecture was modified to use external data curves.

The results respond to the training requirements from modern printers (ex RR Donnelley –world’s largest): “technology-driven, self directed, available on site”.

This simulator is currently in industrial use. This includes direct and distributed learning and supervision.

Peter Herman:
Peter Herman is Managing Director of Sinapse Print Simulators, a French software company specialising in simulators and software for the graphic arts.

Consulting work for Polygram and CBS brought him to Europe many years ago. Graduate work in Artificial Intelligence and a few other distractions, like starting a software company, kept him there. The Sinapse print simulators are world leaders in their sectors, with over 1700 installed around the world. The Sinapse Sheetfed simulator is used in the WorldSkills competition.

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