Konstantina Patsialou, Iro Laskari

Color choice in the process of product promotion


Although color is an essential element of synthesis and it is crucial in product promotion, there has not been a research work regarding the question “what should a designer have in mind when it comes to choosing a color?”. Color must be seen not only in its decorative nature, but also as a functional element, which can be used to reinforce the message of design. Color can grab attention and guide the viewer’s eye, can sort and organize information. It can carry thoughts and messages easily and quickly, cause feelings and have huge impact on people’s mood. At the same time it stimulates senses such as taste and smell. The meaning of colors can vary depending on the effect on human physiology, psychological mood and their symbolism. Furthermore, colors have the power to add character and give identity to a product, thus can help companies consolidate or diversify in relation to competition, and finally can lead to the selection (or rejection) of a product. Color can change the meaning of objects or conditions, with which it is associated, can predict the behavior and affect the overall perception towards a product. Graphic designers should be aware of color’s multidimensional nature, which renders it to one of the most powerful tools at their disposal in order to visually communicate with other people, to motivate and persuade them.
This analysis demonstrates the factors (denotative and connotative meanings of color, biological influences and psychological implications of color, connection of color with brand image and previous applications, color combination tools, characteristics of target audience, the type of product where color is applied, inspiration by fashion and color trends, designer’s or client’s personal choice etc) that specify the color identity of products. This paper will present a theoretical model, aiming to provide designers an integrated analysis on effective color choices.

Keywords: color, color choices, color identity, product promotion.

Konstantina Patsialou, Iro Laskari:

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