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International Week: 21 - 27 November 2016


Tuesday, 22nd November 2016 - Opportunities for one-on-one interaction and guest lectures, tour of HdM-campus, welcome reception at 5:30pm

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 - Innovation@HdM, awards, networking dinner at 7pm

Thursday, 24th November 2016 - International Day, Christmas Market

Friday, 25th November 2016 - International Entrepreneurship Education Summit, Kick-Off Startup Weekend

Saturday, 26th November 2016 and Sunday, 27th November 2016 - StartUp Weekend



Tuesday, September 22nd

This is a day where you can plan one-on-one meetings. We will also offer a guided tour of our campus. Please join us even if you have been with us before since we have seen some changes over the past year.

At 5:30 pm we will host a welcome reception where you can meet our new members of the team at  the international office as well as our new vice-rector.


Innovation Day on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

Innovation@HdM is a day where we open our doors for an open exchange on what is currently driving innovation in all areas of media and related fields. They goals is to bring together faculty, students, almuni, our international friends and our partners from the relevant industries to broaden our mind and discover what is coming next. It will be a day of best practices sharing, presenting results of (applied) research and discoveries of emerging trends and technologies.

It will last from 09:30 am until 4 pm. Current research of faculty at HdM and our partner institutions both in Germany and abroad will be presented. Ongoing projects will be shared and areas for future collaboration will explored. We will share best practices in teaching, learning and program development. Also it is a platform to present results of outstanding theses by students both Bachelor- and Masterlevel. Last but not least we invite our corporate partners to share innovations and best practices.

Are you interested in presenting? We invite presentations form 30 minutes up to 90 minutes workshop formats. Please contact innovation@hdm-stuttgart.de


International Day on Thursday, November 24th 2016


International Entrepreneurship Education Summit on Friday, November 25th 2016

The purpose

The 2nd International Entrepreneurship Education Summit this year is bringing together academics and the business community provide a platform to share innovative ideas and established best practices in teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. The focus is on learning from each other allowing for able time for discussions and feedback. Topics are how to teach for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with approaches like Lean Startup, business models generation and other advances in teaching creativity such as design thinking. This (un-)conference wants to It is open to anyone teaching or promoting entrepreneurship in schools, at universities and within profit and non-profit organizations. As part of the international week it invites international experts to share their ideas and contribute to the learning experience.

The format

At any given time there will be parallel three tracks in two different formats:

  • „Hands-on” is an appetizer of an interactive teaching format giving exposure to a certain topic. After a short introduction attendees of the workshop will actually experience the tools and technics and the will be able to use it within their own class. Each session is – including the briefing and de-briefing – 50 minutes in length.
  • „Best practices” is a presentation of a program, format, class setup, study or any content related to teaching innovation and entrepreneurship at schools, universities and businesses. Each presentation is planned for 18 minutes (which coincides with a TEDtalk)and allows for another 7 minutes of questions and discussions.

Sessions will either be in German or English. At any given time there will be at least onetrack in either language. Participants will find ample for discussions and networking. The conference will end at 5pm with the reception for the Startup Weekend Stuttgart and participants are welcome to stay for the opening session.

Are you interested? Find more information and the Call for presentations on: http://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/iees


Start-up Weekend on Saturday, 26th November 2016 and Sunday, 27th November 2016

Fancying your own startup?

Here is your chance! Startup Weekend Stuttgart is an event focusing on the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The two and a half day long event is for those who not only talk but do. Join us at the Stuttgart Media University from November 27–29, 2015.

What you can expect:

  • pitching business ideas and working on them in teams
  • creating prototypes, business plans and final presentations
  • benefiting from the know-how of top-class mentors
  • getting started on implementing your idea

It doesn’t matter if you are a business expert, a student, a designer or a developer – everybody is invited to participate. We are looking for people who want to make a difference. After a short pitch of all the business ideas on Friday evening, the rest of the weekend is there to develop those ideas in teams – supported by experts from all kinds of fields. Not everybody has to pitch an idea, you’re also welcome to just participate and work with a team. Bring whatever skills you have! The event will be moderated in German but teams are welcome to work and pitch in English.

The goal is, to push your business ideas as far as you can – in 54hours. At the end of the weekend, you are going to present in front of a top-class jury. The Startup Weekend offers the network and the resources to support a team with an idea on their way to launch a product. The event is part of the worldwide Startup Weekend network which has originated over 800 startups in the past couple of years.Tickets can be bought in advance.


More information and tickets: www.up.co/communities/germany/stuttgart/startup-weekend/6918


P.S.: If you don’t have time for the entire weekend? You are also welcome to join for the opening on Friday evening and/or support teams on Saturday as a mentor!



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