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Walter Kriha

Prof. Walter Kriha

LehrgebietSysteme, ihre Skalierbarkeit und Sicherheit. Softwareentwicklung und Architektur unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von thread-level Parallelismus. Gesellschaftliche und technische Entwicklungen im Internet.
StudiengangMedieninformatik (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
FakultätFakultät Druck und Medien
Sprechzeitennach Vereinbarung
Raum322, Nobelstraße 10 (Hörsaalbau)
Telefon0711 8923-2220

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Information about development and research projects, lecture materials and my blog can be found at




Books Papers Blog and Publishing Platform (under Creative Commons) Lecture and Seminar Materials Talks Restricted Information

List of Publications Books

Scalability and Availability Aspects of Social Media - how to build ultra-large sites

Currently in draft status, targeted for publishing in spring 2010, probably under Open Access license. Download draft from Sichere Systeme - Konzepte, Architekturen und Frameworks (German)

Use of POLA principles to build damage-reducing systems. Usability and Security. Security Frameworks, Models and Techniques. March 2009 Springer. Internet Security aus Software Sicht (German)

Security basics to foster awareness and understanding of security building blocks. Protocols and infrastructure security. For software engineers, students and business analysts. March 2008 Springer. Enterprise Portal Architecture

February 2001. How to build large scale enterprise portals. Problem analysis and architectural recommendations. UBS AG internal publication. (download from homepage) Frameworking - Architectural Principles and design patterns for advanced frameworks

April 1997. Including meta-data handling, distributed systems and customization interfaces. Systor AG internal publication, used in education of employees and customers. (download from homepage)


Most of the papers can be downloaded from my list of papers on my homepage Ways to exploit online games - attacking online games Security Enhanced Linux Security Improvements to the Windows Platform Are security laws "immutable"? Web Usability Social Intelligence and Social Computers - the future of Computer Science Software and Other Patents - new monopolies and whom they serve What makes good students in computer science? How to organize a girlsday in computer science Computability, Turing, Eliza and Peter Wegners Interaction Machines IT Today - technical, social and organizational aspects Deutsche Uni Konservativ sein Political Patterns Usability and Security (for BSI in KES) Is there more to user interface design than Model-View-Controller? Development of an enterprise logging and log analysis framework Software Systeme - auf Sand gebaut? ( 10 Jahre Large Scale System Architecture OOPSLA97 paper. Modeling Distributed Systems Soziale Strukturen in der Software-Entwicklung (for Uni Freiburg) Virtual Worlds - Party or Content Secondlife - making the virtual life work like real life Simple Mind - a federated repository (for a bank) Back to the Mainframes Information re-use with SGML (for Rohit Khare) Blog and Publishing Platform (under Creative Commons)

Much of my publishing activities and my web blog can be found at my homepage . Also my lecture and seminar materials as well as drafts of current work. Lecture and Seminar Materials

please find slide sets for distributed computing, operating systems, internet security, secure software, design patterns, documents construction, generative computing, development environments at my homepage Talks

please find a list of talks and presentations on my Restricted Information

An extensive base of security concepts, architectures and implementations for large financial companies. Confidential but references can be provided on request.

Prof. Walter Kriha Schwarzwaldstrasse 7g 79423 Heitersheim


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