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Start your International Career in Media Technologies and get a Bachelor of Engineering. 

Print communication is a massive, fascinating industry. To become a qualified specialist in the field means to become both a technical engineer, creative designer, and capable business executive all at the same time.

(Hunter Bliss, Student, 2017)

Six reasons why you should enrol in Print Media Technologies.

  1. In Germany Print Media Technologies is the first and only international undergraduate program in engineering dedicated to media, which is exclusively taught in English and designed for students from across the world. 
  2. Print Media Technologies is a unique subject which combines creativity, science, technology, intercultural studies, corporate management and languages. 
  3. Our graduates enjoy much higher quality jobs than graduates from comparable German programs. The placement rate is 100%. The program is to produce informed leaders and practitioners on media issues; which include senior technical, management, marketing positions across the world.
  4. Graduates of Print Media Technologies speak three languages and will be able to work in internationally expanding businesses. The program is firmly designed to promote proficiency in a foreign language; in addition our students will develop critical-thinking and public-speaking skills.
  5. The faculty runs a unique state-of-the-art learning facility equipped with advanced media technology i.e. the latest printing machines used in the industry. It is the largest and best equipped centre in Europe and features a great number of laboratories and studios, including digital and commercial printing presses, creative printing set-ups, 3 D printing, a packaging print factory (flexography and gravure printing) and the latest post press equipment. Students will also find a new pre media facility involving IT technology and the latest workflows available to the media industry. The university has invested many millions of Euros to make this awesome technology available to our students.
  6. The university offers support at every step of our students' journey; our staff are dedicated to supporting students throughout their studies. We have staff in Student Services, Accommodation, Learning Development, the Library, Residential Life, the Language Centre and IT working to provide our students with all the support, advice and resources they need to succeed in their studies.

In short, this Bachelor program provides a technical education in Germany while students will be armed with the professional, creative and cross-cultural skills needed to prosper at home and abroad.

The university promotes diversity, individuality and innovation at the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

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