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Start your international Print Media career

We offer career-ready skills in engineering for students who are interested in studying within an international context.


Our new Bachelor in Engineering is firmly focused on PRINT MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES and is designed to produce informed leaders and practitioners on media issues; to promote proficiency in a foreign language; and to endow students with advanced media technology, critical-thinking and public-speaking skills.

This Bachelor program provides a technical education in Germany while students will be armed with the professional, creative and cross-cultural skills needed to prosper at home and abroad.

Graduates enjoy brilliant careers in the media industry, which include technical, management, marketing, and senior positions across the world.

Promoting diversity, individuality and innovation at the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

For further information about our programme, please click here.

Project Development

   BIX (2013)
   Do Not Open This Book (2014)
   Red Mask (2015)view more
   Mountain of Madness (2017)view more
   Mini Suns (2017)view more
   Schwaben (2016)view more
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