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Studiengang Print Media Technologies


Our students come from all over the world. We are: German, American, British, Italian, French, Taiwanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Indian and citizens from many Commonwealth countries. This wide range of backgrounds and cultures allows us to learn how to handle different opinions, situations and people.


Arne, PMT student since March 2018

I am a Printer from northern Germany. I am a big history enthusiast, love calligraphy, heavy music and basically everything remotely print related.

Bhargav, PMT student since March 2018

I'm from india. I love travelling and sports. I am here in Germany to become a printing engineer.

Pia, PMT student since March 2018

My Denglish was rescued by my one-year stay in New Zealand straight after graduation. I traveled there because I wasn’t sure what I want to focus on. At HdM I can really try out everything I’d like to do: contact to internationals, creating innovative products and broadcasting a Radioshow on our Uniradio are only some of the opportunities.

William, PMT student since March 2018

I’m from Taiwan, I am a frequent traveler and a sports fan. I aspire to become an printing engineer for my future business!

Zeeshan, PMT student since March 2018

I'm from Italy but of Pakistani descent. Also, lived in the UK, so I can speak a few languages. Being active through sports is what I love and I enjoy studying with my friends.




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