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Studiengang Print Media Technologies


Hochschule der Medien has established the PMT Technology Centre which is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery used in the media industry. The centre is used for research, development and training. It is divided in seven centres and institutes:

The Variable Data Centre is equipped with an HP Indigo digital press including the entire pre-press equipment and different software for educational purposes.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dr. Stefan Güttler

The Commercial Printing Centre is equipped with a six-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster offset press including a varnishing unit. The centre features colour management systems, workflow solutions and the latest plate making equipment. The technology is used by students to learn about printing, but also to do research on various issues such as materials and robotics.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dr. Karl Schaschek

The Flexographic Technology Centre belongs to the German Flexographic Association (DFTA) and features a large-scale Fischer & Krecke flexographic press, plate mounting equipment and plate processing. The centre is run by the DFTA and is used as a research and demonstration centre for the industry and is used by our students for hand-on and research related work. The centre features a number of flexographic plate-making units, both thermo and solvent, and it includes a well-equipped research institute for analysing purposes and for product development.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dr. Martin Dreher

The Roto Gravure Technology Centre sports a new Bobst four colour rotogravure press. The centre is used by the industry for research purposes, but is also open for our students to do some press and pre-press related training. The centre is equipped with a galvanic unit for the production of gravure cylinders, a polishing unit, Hell engraving equipment and various software solutions to allow the engraving of wide variety of cell structures.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Armin Weichmann

The Post Press Technology Centre is well equipped with the latest post-press machinery and equipment. For instance, it sports Baumann-Wohlenberg cutting devices, MBO kombi folding equipment, a Müller Martini Vareo adhesive binder, wire stitching equipment  and many units for finishing such as hot foil stamping. The research and development centre is open for the industry and for students to study adhesives, paper sciences and to be able to produce their projects on the equipment.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Volker Jansen

The 3-D Printing Research Factory is the latest addition to our university’s technology center. Here we research new materials and software systems. The center features a great number of new 3-D printing units and machinery and is heavily used by students. It is for studying new technologies and processes relevant for our future society.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dr. Karl Schaschek

The Institute for Applied Sciences (IAF) researching and developing printed batteries, printed electronics, printed antennae and specific issues in functional printing. The centre is entirely dedicated for research purposes and is supported by the industry. The IAF offers PhD students a wide range of different equipment used for metrology. This includes REM microscopes, gas chromatographs and measurement equipment.

Responsible for research: Prof. Dr. Gunter Hübner



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