Colour Grading in Documentaries: A Loss of Authenticity or an Opportunity for the Medium?

The use of colour in documentary film and its repercussions on an increase of interest and credibility of the seen image. Stuttgart Media University. Patricia J. Christmann. 28.10.2018
Colour surrounds us all the time. There is an infinite number of possibilities to use it. At the same time we are obliged to perceive colour, if we want to or not. As long as our eyes are open, there is no way to avoid the con-stant influence of colour and its manipulative effect that it has on our perception. The impact of this unavoidable characteristic is apparent, if one thinks of what colour actually is. It affects our whole body, all in all, both men-tally and physically. Colour is a transmitter of information and emotions and helps us to find orientation. So possibly, these characteristics could be also an opportunity for documentary film. Through colour correction and colour grading, an additional plane for transporting emotions and messages is created. It is irrefutable, that the documentary film genre is in need of a renewal to escape the conventional ways of the past. To increase the level of attention for the genre and to get messages across to the audience in an impressive and persisting way, the use of colour could be worth a try. So, is it possible to use colour grading in the documentary film genre without causing a loss of authenticity or crossing the invisible line of manipulation?
Keywords: Documentaries – subjectivity – objectivity – authenticity – reality – image composition – colour grading – colour correction – colour vision – colour – interest – cinema – future

Autoren: Christmann, Patricia / Schmid, Katja
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Patricia Christmann
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Katja Schmid

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