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Grades and Credit Points

Please note: the following guidelines and rules apply to both the foreign language courses as well as the German courses for regular students, but not for exchange students.

ECTS - Awarding of credits

In semester courses 2 ECTS points can be credited for two courses of the same language at the same or a higher level, for example English Beginner A2 and B1 Refresher English or Spanish A1 and A2. You do not have to attend the courses in two consecutive semesters.

By successful completion of the two courses please fill out the form "Confirmation of accreditation of 2 ECTS credits" (Bestätigung zur Anrechnung von 2 ECTS-Punkten) and hand it in at the Language Centre. After reviewing of the results, the form will be automatically forwarded to the relevant faculty secretary and the 2 ECTS will be registered under the module "elective subject from another study program". Please note the grade does not show in the record.

Exam and grades

Succesfull completion of the course is only guaranteed if students attend regularly the class, have sufficient time for independent study.The written exam take place on the last day of the course.

Please note: The exams for the language courses do not require registration under the "Registration forms to the examination procedure".

Language Certificate

After successful completion of a language course, students receive a certificate, detailing level of proficiency and grade. Certificates can be collected at the Language Centre on specific dates and times throughout the semester.

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