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38855 Advanced Game Development

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Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch auf Anfrage
Art: P
Umfang: 6 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 8
Workload: 5 ECTS x 30 = 150 hours
Prüfungsform: PA
Formale Zulassungsvoraussetzungen: -
Setzt inhaltliche Vorkenntnisse entsprechend folgender Module / Lehrveranstaltungen voraus: It is recommended to attend the course Theory of Game Development (113520a) prior to or alongside with this seminar.
English Title: Game-Project / Advanced Game Development
English Abstract: The seminar Game-Praktikum (MIB / MI7 / MM7) / Advanced Game Development (CSM) gives all participating students the opportunity to work together on a video game production in a large-scale project team under realistic circumstances.

There will be one initial kickoff event on 21st March at 17:45 pm. Participation is mandatory!

This semester, we will continue to work on the game Schacht.

For further details, you can check out the Confluence Wiki. Please contact Laura Körting (lk106@hdm-stuttgart.de) in order to get access. The page Project Rules and Overview summarizes the most important information about the project. It is recommended to study it carefully.

Organizational matters
  • The project extends over several semesters with changing teams of students.
  • Registration for a practical work (Projekt) is a mandatory condition for participation! You can either register for the game project itself or any other practical work.
  • It is also possible to write a final thesis in the context of this project.
  • There will be one must-attend kickoff-event on 21st March at 17:45 pm. Anyone who misses this event unexcused will be excluded from participating.

  • Practical use of theoretical knowledge in context of a large game project.
  • Teamwork and communication skills within a large-scale project team of over 30 students.
  • Structured and independent work capabilities.
  • Strategic planning, reflection and results evaluation.
  • Experienced students also get the opportunity to take leadership roles. This includes making important project decisions, managing and assigning tasks and some supervisory functions.
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