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822431a Conversation course for the intermediate level B1+

Zuletzt geändert:28.10.2020 / von Carlsburg
Studiengänge: Studiengangübergreifendes Angebot (Sprachkurse), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Conversation Course for Intermediate Level in Semester 2 3 4 5 6 7
Häufigkeit: immer
Dozent: Birgit Baumann-Stephan
Sprache: Englisch
Art: -
Umfang: 2 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 2
Workload: 2 SWS x 12 Termine + Self-study Evaluation criteria for course accreditation: - Mid-term exam - Final Exam - Presentation - Selfstudy: Homework + Script or Glossary (to deliver at the end of the course) Attendance is mandatory. Students can miss only two classes of the course.
Inhaltliche Verbindung zu anderen Lehrveranstaltungen im Modul: Entry requirement is Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) based on:
The result of the Oxford Placement Test (OOPT) with a score ranging between 40-59 points OR
A certificate from a previously completed B1 or A2.2 course at the HdM Language Centre
Prüfungsform: KMP
Veranstaltung ist Basiswissen für folgende Module / Lehrveranstaltungen: Business English II or any other English course with focus on business skills (e.g. presentations)
Beschreibung: The aim of the course is to strengthen the self-confidence of the participants in the application of the English language in various everyday situations. The emphasis on conversation, role-playing and group work serves to improve the language skills and at the same time the listening skills of the participants. The vocabulary of the participants and the ability to express themselves will be improved by simulating common situations experienced during a stay in an English-speaking country. Grammar is used as an aid to communication.

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