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Urban Changemakers



Short Description

The development of the "Urban Changemakers" promotional competition as contest marketing to draw the attention of the public. It offers a unique way to drive brand awareness and audience engagement, providing a fun and interactive way for the participants to engage with the promoted object: an empty space building.


To make the empty space more attractive for young creatives by implementing their ideas and to involve the local creative community into the "Creative Centre".

Implementation Steps


1. Organise a competition for young creatives




2. Promote the competition




3. Evaluate the ideas/ external board




4. Award winning idea with 1.000,- €

Tool Developer


Pilot Location

Košice (Slovakia)


4-6 Months

Cost Factors

Graphic designer, reward for the advisory board, optional: external marketing expert, paid promotion for social media

Involved PEople

Project management, jury of experts, educational facilities


Urban Changemakers (full description)

Project Proposal Template



  • "Creative Centre" attracts a lot of public attention
  • Young talented creatives get the opportunity to implement their ideas
  • Higher visibility of young  creatives from the region


  • Bring creatives back to empty floor space of "Creative Centre"
  • Transformation of physical space in a unique way through different ideas of young creatives
  • Promote the potentials and competencies of local creatives the right way