Gamut Mapping for Digital Cinema - Supplemental Material:

To ensure consistent presentation of wide gamut Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) on standard gamut screens, a mandatory gamut mapping strategy has to be chosen. In this paper, current gamut mapping algorithms are evaluated with respect to their application in digital cinema. These algorithms include: "Simple Clip", "Cusp Clip", "Minimum delta E" (MindE), "Hue preserving MindE", "Weighted MindE" and the mapping strategy which is used in current projectors. The investigated gamut mapping algorithms will be provided as 3D lookup tables for comparison. These can also be used to retrofit a more advanced gamut mapping strategy to standard gamut projectors. Therefore, the paper closes with an analysis of the losses introduced by using 3D lookup tables for gamut mapping. The intent of this paper is to initiate a discussion about gamut mapping strategies for digital cinema, which may ultimately lead to an addendum to the SMPTE standards for digital cinema.
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