HPA 2015 - Wide Color Gamut Comparison DCP:

Laser projectors will feature a wider gamut compared to current projectors. Do we want to make use of the extended gamut of these laser illuminated projectors? Is there a way to ensure backwards compatibility to current generation Xenon projectors? Seeing is believing: To illustrate the potential of wide gamut projection, selected sequences from the HdM-HDR-2014 video set are shown on a wide gamut projector. In addition to the wide gamut presentation, gamut mapping strategies for smaller gamuts are explained and the results are shown in comparison to the original wide gamut grade.

Additional Information:
We graded the content for this DCP on a Rec.2020 laser projector. Peak Luminance was 360cd/m2. But presentations down to 100cd/m2 and up to 1000cd/m2 are acceptable. This DCP is not HDR but tonemapped to the dynamic range of current generation digital cinema projectors. Thus, the presentation device should have a dynamic range in between 1:1000 - 1:4000.

This DCP will only display correctly on devices that feature the full Rec.2020 gamut. At HPA 2015 a 3P laser projector from Christie
with 3 laser primaries was used for presentation.
DCP Download.
Download HdM-HDR-2014 Rec2020 vs. P3D65 vs. Rec709 Comparison DCP (See instructions below!)
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- The 'Rec2020 vs. P3D65 vs. Rec709 Comparison DCP' is located in the DCP folder and called: 'Rec2020_vs_P3D65_vs_Rec709_v94.zip'.
Update 2015-07-28: Some downloaders reported a crc-error when opening the .zip file. I have additionally uploaded the unzipped DCP to the 'Rec2020_vs_P3D65_vs_Rec709_v94' folder inside the 'DCP' folder.
Email me if you experience problems downloading the DCP. Jan Fröhlich, 2015