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Journalism & Communication Management

Are you a student with a content-oriented background, e.g. journalism, media and communication, public relations or corporate communications? Would you like to learn to develop new concepts and strategies addressing core needs of your audience? Are you interested in improving your skills in leading innovative teams? Then HdM’s English taught Minor Journalism and Communication Management is the perfect choice for your semester abroad.

You will learn a wide variety of useful skills to design and implement novel ways of communication in a digitalized world. You’ll apply efficient tools to create ideas and to develop content-based business models in our Innovation Management module. You’ll learn how to lead a team in our Leadership class, and will widen your understanding of strategic communication in our Corporate Communication class. Deepen your technology knowledge in our Content Management module, and create inspiring media products for an international audience as part of our International Content Productions course. None of our classes are sandbox projects – instead you will improve your skills whilst working on case studies from industry partners.

Journalism and Communication Management


Leadership 6 ECTS
Content Management 4 ECTS
International Content Production 6 ECTS
Innovation Management 6 ECTS
Corporate Communications 6 ECTS
German Language Course 2 ECTS

The program encompasses 30 ECTS in total and consists of five different modules and a German language course. All minor modules are compulsory for our degree students, too. You will study in multinational teams with your international and German peers. This is a great opportunity to meet local students, to develop a deeper understanding of German culture, and to be supported by experienced buddies, who are familiar with all the things you need to know on campus.

Joining our Minor, you will gain advantage from a team of lecturers with a broad range of professional backgrounds. All professors and lecturers teaching in our Minor are well-known experts in their specific field and have had leading positions in the media industry or in public relations. They all have a background in multinational companies and/or in transnational teaching projects involving partner universities all over Europe. You will also benefit from our strong international network as a member of the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA), as well as from guest lecturers from our strategic partner universities, e.g. in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Oslo, and Syracuse, NY, USA.

For questions concerning this Minor please contact Prof. Dr. Lars Rinsdorf


Name: Prof. Dr. Lars Rinsdorf  Elektronische Visitenkarte
Phone: +49 177-3553144
Function: Professor of Innovative Content Strategies in Crossmedia Journalism
Main research areas:
Reception of media
Quality and diversity of journalistic content and products
Newsroom management
Innovation in media companies


For more information please download the Flyer Minor "Innovative Content Strategies"  (PDF, 0.2 MB) (Update for 2018 following soon)


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