HdM-HDR-2014 Teaser:
HDR and WCG Test Sequences Proposed by Stuttgart Media University for Standardization

Jan Fröhlich, Stefan Grandinetti, Bernd Eberhardt, Peng Yin, Taoran Lu, Robin Atkins

Four HDR and WCG sequences are proposed by the Stuttgart Media University for testing purposes within MPEG. A short description for each sequence is provided in this contribution. A license agreement form is also attached to the contribution.

1.) Read Contribution:
Contribution document for HdM-HDR-2014 Teaser Clips for Standardization [PDF].

2.) Read and Sign License Agreement:
Download and sign the License Agreement (PDF) for the HdM-HDR-2014 Teaser Clips for Standardization.

3.) Download HdM-HDR-2014 Teaser Clips for Standardization:

Email me if you have any questions regarding the HdM-HDR-2014 Teaser Clips for Standardization. Jan Fröhlich, 2017