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Referenten / Speaker

  • Edgar Bittencourt

    Art Director Ubisoft-Studio Blue Byte Düsseldorf

    Edgar Bittencourt is Art Director at the Ubisoft studio Blue Byte in Dusseldorf - only by detours did he enter the games industry. His artistic career began with classical ballet training at the Conservatories of Rio de Janeiro and Paris. In 1989 he joined the Ballettcompagnie in Paris, later worked among others, partnered with the New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, danced in guest roles in opera houses in over 40 countries. This time has enormously expanded Edgar's horizon. He was always impressed by how actors are effectively staged. Edgar studied graphic design in Hamburg at the age of 29. Career positions in the film and advertising industry followed, e.g. as a cartoon animator for children's series. But only with the entry into the games industry Edgar was able to pick up his original ideas of staging and entertainment as a designer. His motivation is to entertain players in the best possible way and help them to escape into an interactive world.

  • Alexandre Espigares


    Alexandre Espigares will present a behind the scenes look at the art and animation creation of his animated feature film White Fang. Based on the timeless novel by Jack London, White Fang is the story of a mixed wolf-dog growing up between wilderness and civilization, being told in striking imagery inspired by the Yukon region. From insights into early concepts to the development of the 3D animation style, and the combination of motion capture and keyframe animation, Alex Espigares will also share with us the challenges of realizing an ambitious artistic animated feature film within a limited European budget. Alex Espigares is the co-director of the Academy Award winning animated short film Mr Hublot.

  • Luis Guggenberger

    Senior Concept Artist Industrial Light and Magic

    Already during his bachelor studies to Industrial Designer, he supported Trixter, one of the leading VFX studios in Germany. As an integral part of the Concept Art team, he led the newly formed Art Department a short time later and worked on projects such as Iron Man 3, Independence Day 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier or the Avengers in the following years. Since 2015 Luis works mainly as Senior Concept Artist at ILM.

  • Andree Verleger

    CEO ABC Event Production

    Think big! Think unique! Make it work! Rediscover things anew!
    This is the credo of media artist, creative director and show director Andree Verleger. His name comes up regularly when dealing with large productions, whether in China, the United Arab Emirates, Russia or the United States. He belongs to an inner circle of those responsible for larger-than-life show experiences, an example shown at the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Or to the creative team that designed the unforgettable opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Andree is an all-rounder, an all-inclusive package and can be appointed to all divisions. Storytelling, film creation, and film production as well as musical composition are among the creative fields in which Andree involves himself, he specifies what he wants and insists on delivery. Verleger has a keen understanding of technical issues and solutions. Kinetics, lighting design, sound design, and robotics are a part of his repertoire. As creative director at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing his vast knowledge was required and he acted as a bridge between creation and technicians.

  • Michael Wortman

    VFX supervisor Trixter

    Michael has worked in the vfx industry for a long time: he started his career in Germany and studied animation at Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg. After that he moved on to work on major motion pictures in Sydney, London and Wellington. Upon his return to Germany he served as one of the Visual Effects Supervisors on Journey 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, Game of Thrones and Good Kill. He supervised the VFX production for Atomic Blonde and has recently completed working on Black Panther and Lost In Space for Trixter.