Hochschule der Medien
Nobelstraße 10
70569 Stuttgart

Die Parkplätze an der Hochschule der Medien sind begrenzt. Sie können die HdM mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erreichen.
Eine genaue Wegbeschreibung finden Sie auf der Webseite der HdM.

Workshop Lidar Scannig

In this workshop the participants will get the chance to witness the process of LIDAR Scanning. David Salamon from RISE will guide the group through the process of LIDAR Scanning and the students will get a chance to scan architecture and objects by themselves. Furthermore David will give an in-depth talk about the theory behind the Scanner.
Founded in 2007 by Sven, Robert, Markus and Florian, RISE was just a small room with four laptops. Today the Berlin office alone spans three floors, additional offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne add to the more than 2000 square meters of space, with over 90 full-time staff and as many as 130 freelancers travelling across the globe to design essential parts of the biggest films today. Lidar scanning has been used in construction, engineering, geo- and archeology for at least a decade now. It is used to survey the topography of a landscape, to measure buildings and to archive and to document historical digging sites, statues, temples, etc. But the 3D scan of a specific location or object can be just as useful for other industries using 3D graphics.