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Welcome to the GENERATOR

You have a brilliant business idea? You're asking yourself how you can realise and finance it? You have your own Startup but it's not quite running smoothly yet? The Generator's crew brings galactic ideas into a stable orbit and offers boundless energy for launches in the Stuttgart IT and creative industries.

'Something' with media? 'Something' with entrepreneurship?

With us you get both – and not just anything. We offer you:


You want to know if your business idea has potential? Or how to write an invoice? Or get your hands on funding and financing? Where to find people interested in founding with you? Or why socks disappear in the washing machine? We don't have an answer for every question, but at least for most of them.


Entrepreneurship can't be learnt? That's right. But everything that comes with it, such as: design thinking, legal matters, story-telling, validation, project management, marketing, conflict management, negotiation skills, public relations and much more. For those interested in extra-occupational studies, we even offer a Master Program.


The money for a venture isn't lying around on the street. It's hidden in funding safes that we can crack for you. The EXIST Founders Grant, Young Innovators and the Innovation Vouchers are among the most desirable state-run programmes. We help with the application process. And we're really good at it.

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