International cinematography days 2018

  • ICD 2018

    The 2nd edition of the cinematography conference will take place from March 15 to March 17 2018, at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart.

    This year Prof. Stefan Grandinetti and his team will present and discuss the latest topics regarding cinematography. This time the event will cover three days and be even more international. The entire programm of days two und three will be in English – only the seminar of the first day will be in German and focus on the local film industry

VeGA Camp

  • VeGA Camp 2018

    Interessieren Sie sich für Visual Effects, Games, Animation, Mobile Media oder Event Media? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig. Bereits zum vierten Mal bietet das VEGA CAMP einen einmaligen Mix aus den verschiedensten Bereichen der Medienwelt.

    Freuen Sie sich auf spannende Vorträge über die aktuellen Star Wars Filme des Senior Concept Artist Luis Guggenberger, die Visual Effects bei Black Panther von VFX Supervisor Michael Wortman und vieles mehr.

Visual Media Lab Conference 2022

  • VMLC 2022

    The HdM VISUAL MEDIA LAB Conference 2022 (visual effects & cinematography) will take place from September 29th to October 1st, 2022 at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (HdM), University of Applied Sciences.

    Within the framework of the institute VML Prof. Stefan Grandinetti, Prof. Jan Adamczyk, Prof. Katja Schmid and their team will present in an ON SITE event international speakers and discuss the latest topics regarding visual effects and cinematography. In demonstrations, workshops and talks, accompanied by the color-exhibition “The Dissolution of Joker” and thesis poster sessions (HDR, HFR), we will discuss with the experts and guests from international partner universities with experts and guests from our international partner universities: what is the status quo in our domains and what are future assignments?

    Thu, 29.9. has its focus on Virtual Production and Green Producing. It is presented by the VML-label “VeGA-Camp”, an international conference dedicated to Digital Visual Arts, Technologies and Media Production. At the end of the day we will celebrate the grand opening of the new LED-light equipped HdM-Studios.

    Fr, 30.9. is presented under the 2nd VML-label INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY DAYS: Due to new LED-equipment in the Studios, the focus will be on LED-lighting and color. In addition we will introduce the collaboration framework with the IMAGO Educational- and Technical Committees projects (The Photon’s Path).

    Sat, 1.10. is organised by the research group “CITO - Cinematography in Progress". Holding its 4th international conference “Connecting”, aspects of Virtual Production, Visual Effects, Color and LED lights domains, with traditional or innovative research approaches will be addressed. Investigating the link between the creation, the projection and the perception of visual media and its communication.