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Media Research Conference 2023

  • Media Research Conference 2023

    The Visual Media Lab proudly presents the Media Research Conference 2023, a pivotal event embedded within the Innovation Day as part of the esteemed International Week at Stuttgart Media University. Curated by Prof. Katja Schmid, the Media Research Conference 2023 is designed to be a crucible for educators and researchers in the dynamic field of visual media. Addressing the pressing challenges of our time this symposium is designed to explore innovative strategies to prepare the next generation of media professionals.

    Focusing on topics such as narration, visual aesthetics, innovative teaching methods, and the evolution of teaching content, the conference aims to catalyze collaborative efforts and explore avenues for joint research projects.


    Prof. Katja Schmid: katja.schmid@hdm-stuttgart.de

Visual Media Lab Conference 2023

  • Visual Media Lab Conference - The technology of tomorrow's moving images

    This event is for all people interested in film, TV and the science behind moving images. For the creatives, technical pioneers and students who are looking forward to a career in those fields.

    How will films and TV shows be produced with new technologies in the future? What new skills will we need in the process? How will virtual worlds, visual effects and animations be created and which experience and knowledge is useful in production? International speakers from the film & tv industry will discuss these questions during the event on the topics of virtual production, high dynamic range and wide color gamut.

    Within 3 days you will learn from our top-class international speakers: Day one will cover the topics Science & Technology of High Dynamic Range in Live Broadcast from acquisition to distribution. There will be information on VFX in Extended Realities and Virtual Production Studio Setups on day two and the last day of part one of VMLC will discuss topics on Virtual Cinematography and LED-Lighting in Virtual Production. Each day will end with podium discussions with the speakers of the day or a cozy (virtual) fireplace get-together for inspirational chats. Please check out the timetable of each day for further information on the topics and speakers.

    Pablo Garcia Soriano and Nick Shaw about the creation of the NBU-LUTs used for HDS-SDR simulcast In the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. Christina Caspers-Römer and Christian Kaestner from the “1899” Netflix Series will speak about their studio setup and the challenges of Virtual Production. Presenters from Pixomondo will give insights to their very own workflows for Virtual Production. International cinematographers like Philippe Ros (AFC, ITC), Dave Stump (ASC, ITC), Daniel Schua, Julia Leber and colorists as Dirk Meier (CSI, BVK, ITC) and Steffen Paul (“1899”) will give insights to their experiences in LED-lighting, cinema productions or commercials.

    The fourth day of the conference consists of a working session of the world's first scientific journal for cinematography "CITO", investigating researching and teaching methodologies for virtual cinematography. Professionals and students are welcome to join and can register at no charge via e-mail.

    You can buy tickets over Eventbrite. We are offering day tickets and 3-day tickets with free admission for students and special offers for members of our partner societies (SMPTE, FKTG, VES, IMAGO, BVK, CITO).

    Contact and Links:

    Prof. Stefan Grandinetti: grandinetti@hdm-stuttgart.de
    Flyer: Flyer
    VMLC: https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/vmlab
    SMPTE: https://www.smpte.org/membership/student/chapters
    VES: https://www.vesglobal.org/group/germany
    IMAGO: https://imago.org/activities/technical
    BVK: https://kinematografie.org/aktuelles/index.php#anker
    CITO: https://cinematographyinprogress.com/index.php/cito/index

International cinematography days 2018

  • ICD 2018

    The 2nd edition of the cinematography conference will take place from March 15 to March 17 2018, at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart.

    This year Prof. Stefan Grandinetti and his team will present and discuss the latest topics regarding cinematography. This time the event will cover three days and be even more international. The entire programm of days two und three will be in English – only the seminar of the first day will be in German and focus on the local film industry

VeGA Camp

  • VeGA Camp 2018

    Interessieren Sie sich für Visual Effects, Games, Animation, Mobile Media oder Event Media? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig. Bereits zum vierten Mal bietet das VEGA CAMP einen einmaligen Mix aus den verschiedensten Bereichen der Medienwelt.

    Freuen Sie sich auf spannende Vorträge über die aktuellen Star Wars Filme des Senior Concept Artist Luis Guggenberger, die Visual Effects bei Black Panther von VFX Supervisor Michael Wortman und vieles mehr.