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Plusinsight is a media art blog that presents and discusses international media art projects.

Color in Mind

The research group Farbforschungsverbund is an interdisciplinary group of scientists, artists, academics and practintioners - among them members of the University Tuebingen and the HdM Stuttgart. The conference "Color in Mind" was held in September 2016 in Tuebingen. The workshop "Defining the Look" was a conference contribution by Prof. Katja Schmid and Heike Quosdorf from The HdM Stuttgart.

Colour Turn

The Colour Turn is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to promote and advance interdisciplinary research into Colour Studies. Colour is a multi-faceted topic that lends itself to inquiry from a wide range of fields within the natural sciences, technological studies and the humanities. As its name figuratively and literally suggests, the aim of the interdisciplinary and international journal Colour Turn is to turn over a new leaf in colour research.