Bilder aus dem Projekt Professor Haptic – A Tangible VR Experience von Tillman Staffen und Moritz Glaser (SS2017)

Games is one of seven specialisations within the Audiovisual Media program. The Institute for Games is a scientific institution at the Hochschule der Medien to bundle, deepen and disseminate activities related to games. As a platform for students, developers, publisher studios, manufacturers, associations and scientific institutions interested in games, it has the following objectives.

  • study opportunities with a focus on games
  • development of innovative (mobile) games software
  • testing of new software and hardware
  • dealing with ethical issues and sensitizing students to them
  • networking with application-oriented research
  • exchange of information
  • implementation and announcement of projects and workshops
  • provision of hardware, software and expertise
  • support for start-up companies

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