The HdM-HFR-2017 Dataset is available for download and further use.

This is the download page for the SMPTE-Journal article "The Effect of Synthetic Shutter on Judder Perception - an HFR & HDR Data Set and User Study" . If you have any questions regarding the HdM-HDR-2017 footage contact

Download Credentials:
Protocoll: FTP (plain)
User: HdM-HFR-2017
Password: h3a9&$)kxtT

What to do if the FTP-Download does not work?

- Did you copy the password without any leading or trailing whitespace?
- Did you explicitly configure 'plain ftp' and turn off 'TLS encryption'?
- If your operating system is MacOs the Connect to server dialog should work.
- If your operating system is Windows the console should work.
- On both operating systems FileZilla works with the following settings.

If you have tried these steps but still can't connect contact Prof. Jan Froehlich