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FORUM SESSIONS: Meeting and exchanging ideas with people including, actors, international media students, and local activists.

WORKSHOPS: Starting March 2008: On working with actors in English, and learning international communication skills.

EDUCATIONAL BACK-UP: Offering playscripts + feedback seminars with directors and actors.

MEDIA TRAINING: Working with theatres, museums, art galleries, and bookstores, offering multi-media projects in English and German.

WHEN and WHERE? “Pricing Freedom” 90 Minute Play + ‘Faschingswoche’ Human Rights Exhibition - running from FEB 5 though FEB 8th 2008. The Performances Start 19.30h: Tuesday 5th Thursday 7th & Friday 8th plus a Wednesday 6th late night show starting 22h.

Theater Tri-Bühne
Tel: 0711-23646 10 –
Fax: 23646-17
E-Mail: www.tri-bühne.de
Homepage: office@tri-buehne.de

E-Mail: smarlow@hdm-stuttgart.de
Homepage: www.acts.hdm-stuttgart.de

Susanne Häcker
E-Mail: haecker@hdm-stuttgart.de

21. Dezember 2007


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