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Rob Bruijnzeels

is a qualified librarian and started his career in the book trade and publishing industry. He was the founder and 'curator' of an innovative project called "Libraries 2040", which has developed into a permanent laboratory and a creative learning environment for future libraries. He was responsible for new initiatives, such as The Library of 100 talents (a new concept for the children's library of the future) and The Architecture of Knowledge, a cooperation with the Dutch Architecture Institute (2009) in which principles for future library architecture are explored and the LibrarySchool, a new training course (university master), aimed at educating the librarian of the future, in which learning, working and innovating are united. Now he is a independent Library Consultant and also affiliated to the Ministry of Imagination, an innovative workplace for library architecture. The Ministry has developed a number of groundbreaking new libraries in the Netherlands, including De Chocoladefabriek (Chocolate Factory)  in Gouda, awarded as best public library in the Netherlands 2015, and De Korenbeurs (Wheat Exchange) in Schiedam. The Korenbeurs was nominated for the 2015 edition of The Great Indoors Award (271 contestants from 39 countries) in the category Serve & Facilitate. In January 2016 the Korenbeurs won the award for best interior landscaping project 2015 in the Netherlands. Rob Bruijnzeels is a frequent international speaker. He has published several books about the future of libraries and numerous articles in library journals around the world.

Gabriele Fahrenkrog

Gabriele Fahrenkrog is a librarian (MA LIS) and has worked in public libraries in various functions. Her work focuses on education, lifelong learning and openness in public libraries. She is co-founder and editor of the German-language Open Access magazine Informationspraxis and is involved in various openness projects for librarians.
Since November 2016, she has been working as a project manager for the Information Centre OER project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. She is a member of the network of OER librarians in Germany founded in 2017.

Dr. Jürgen Plieninger

Jürgen Plieninger is a librarian at the University of Tübingen, where he heads two institute libraries. He also holds a doctorate in sociology. He gives advanced training on library topics, is a lecturer at two universities of applied sciences, is involved in library associations and is a passionate librarian blogger. Like Gabriele Fahrenkrog, he is a member of the network of OER librarians in Germany founded in 2017.

Barbara Schleihagen

Barbara Schleihagen is Executive Director of the German Library Association representing about 10,000 libraries based in Berlin, Germany. She is a trained librarian and holds a Master degree (MSc Econ) in "Management of Libraries and Information Services" of the University of Wales. After completion of her studies she worked in various positions in foreign cultural policy (IFLA, EBLIDA, NAPLE). Barbara published numerous publications on international, European and national advocacy and lobbying, European copyright, Libraries in Europe, library policy, library legislation, digital media in libraries, digital reading promotion in libraries, freedom of information and censorship in libraries.

Philip Zumstein

Philipp Zumstein studied Mathematics at the ETH Zürich followed by a PhD in theoretical computer science. Afterwards he moved to Germany where he completed a librarian traineeship at the University Library of Trier and the Bavarian Library Academy. Currently he is working at the Mannheim University Library as a subject librarian, open access representative and he is involved in several research projects. Among his interests are Open Source, OCR, Wikidata and open citations data.