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Camera Characterization

An important part of Open Film Tools is the camera characterization in terms of properties influencing the color reproduction. The objective of this camera characterization is an implementation and evaluation of a method which creates camera IDT profiles based on AMPAS standard.

This might act as a tool, in order to profile any camera at the rental or set with a minimum invest of time.

How you can do the camera spectral based Open Film Tools camera characterization in detail: Guide to Open Film Tools Camera Characterization.

In order to print the spectroscope case following files are required: 3D-File Set (OnShape account required).

The user interface for profile calculation can be found here: Webinterface for Profile Calculation.

Following figure shows the profile calculation workflow:


Above shown figure can be downloaded as a project poster here: PosterLarge.pdf.

The code is Open Source and available at Github: MatLab/Octave based Profile Calculation and PHP Based Web Frontend.

In order to improve the workflow and for further development you find here a questionnaire for user requirements: Questionnaire.pdf.

Feel free to send the completed document back to us.

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