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Database of Spectral Power Distributions of Commonly Used Cine Lighting

We present a spectral database of commonly used cine lighting. A presentation shows the choosen measurement setup and methods as well as measured samples: Open Film Tools - Spectral Database of Cine Lighting (Presentation)

The database was first published at the Color and Imaging Conference 2015 Darmstadt: Open Film Tools - Spectral Database of Cine Lighting CIC Paper Darmstadt 2015

A measuring setup with 45°/0° geometry is choosen to be applied:



  • a Distance specimen surface - front spectrometer lens (1 meter)
  • b Distance optical axis spectrometer - center of maximum vertical illumination aperture
  • r distance from the white patch surface to the corner edge point of the lighting exit port, reported in measurement results as r1-r3 for circular shaped ports and as r1-r4 for rectangular shaped exit ports, additionally the light exit port geometry (diameter or height/width) is reported
  • alpha angle between optical axis of spectrometer and the surface at the ideal center of light source aperture (45 degree)
  • beta angle between the distance given by the edge points of light source aperture and the horicontal plane

Samples of spectral power distributions

Plot of different measured lights

We have measured different lights and have compiled sample files for the spectral power distributions. With the following link you can get the sample data. Either as a Zip file containing all samples and constraints and some information about the measurement setup for each measurment or grouped by light emmitting principle and manufacturer. Right Figure shows some samples of traditional Tungsten, HMI and fluorescence lighting.

The wite target used is a Zenith-Polymer by SphereOptics and the spectrometer a PhotoResearch PR650.

General information files contain information for all lamps, while the sample data itself is ordered by light type like Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescence or LED and the manufacturer. The measurements are shared as one file per manufacturer and light type containing the measured raw values of the spectrophotometer as well as a file with normalized radiances contained in this file. All data is corrected for the spectral reflectance of the white patch.






Note on the file update on 2018-06-05

We discovered a wrong operation used in white patch correction and uploaded a new batch of packages on 2018-06-05 with corrected data suffixec "_v2".

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