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Innovation Projects

Development of an OpenXC based Automotive Game Framework

OpenXC is an open source hardware and software platform, that lets you extend your vehicle with custom applications and pluggable modules.

In the course of this project, you will work together with Sven Krome of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's (RMIT) GEElab on different prototypes for game concepts in the vehicle, such as AutoJam, AutoPlay and AutoGym. The goal is to create a simple framework (based on OpenXC) that allows to access vehicle data and use them in a automotive game. The framework can then be used to implement real working games for autonomous driving vehicles, such as the upcoming Audi A8 in 2017.

The following tasks are required:

  • Setting up a test environment using OpenXC hard- and software.
  • Design and development of simple to use and cross-platform interfaces (ideally using web technologies) for accessing vehicle data.
  • Implementing a prototype together with the RMIT for the AutoGym (or another) game concept


  • General knowledge on iOS / Android / Webtechnologies development is helpful

Contact: Gerlicher

Measuring and Modelling Real-Time Media Traffic in a Multi-Media Network

Our partner (SWR) is operating an integrated IP based multi-media network. When opening this network for real-time transport of high-end multimedia streams, capacity problems might occur. We want to find out

  • what applications are to be expected
  • what traffic characteristics they have
  • what quality of service (QoS) requirements they have
  • how the network can be operated or dimensioned for the new traffic mix
There are several possibilities for innovation projects as well as theses in this field.


  • General knowledge about IP based networks and network communication.
  • Willingness to perform measurements and / or mathematical modelling.
  • Readiness to perform measurements on-site (Stuttgart Berg)
  • Optional: experience in high-performance real-time measurement systems.

Contact: Charzinski



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