Experimental study of the deformation of printing blankets by means of an optical analysis

The aim of this experimental study was to determine displacement and elastic strain of separate layers of different compressible printing blankets due to a uniaxial static plane pressure (plane-plane) using custom optical analysis methods. Compressible blankets are viscoelastic laminated compound structures composed of outermost incompressible printing rubber surface, several various stretch resistant supporting fabrics, and at least one compressible layer comprising a foamed rubber that may consist of voids or micro spheres. Depending on their mechanical characteristics, there are substantial differences in how these individual layers deform due to indentation by the plate or the impression cylinder in nip. In order to investigate these deformations, special equipment was built and techniques developed that allow precise contactless measurement of micro displacements. Series of microscopic images of a cross-section of blanket samples during gradually increasing plane indentation are acquired and the profiles of average Y-values of acquired images were plotted. Displacements of layer joints were defined exactly by the custom mathematical function using means of a maximum gradient search and strains were calculated according to the obtained results. Five different compressible blankets were studied and the results indicated that, in percentage rate, the top rubber layer of some blankets got more deformed than the rest of the blanket. This finding leads to the conclusion that some top rubber layers are more resilient than rest of layers.

Erschienen in:

GRID Symposium 2016
Auf den Seiten: 129 - 139
Autoren: Gajicic, Mihael / Schaschek, Karl
Hrsg.: University of Novi Sad - Faculty of technical sciences
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Ort: Novi Sad (SRB)

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Experimental study of the deformation of printing blankets by means of an optical analysis


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Print Media Technologies (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
Fakultät Druck und Medien
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Karl Schaschek

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