Hürden und Potenziale in der Monetarisierung von Podcasting in Deutschland und den USA

This bachelor thesis gives an overview of the biggest obstacles to the growth of the podcast market in Germany and the USA. It also shows possibilities on how to over-come these hurdles. A big part of the thesis focuses on the monetization and com-mercialization of Podcasts. Within the last years, podcast-consumption has been on the rise so that there are numerous monetization-opportunities especially in the USA. Also, the market might face major changes. Furthermore, the study shows that there is great momentum on many levels. So the thesis also concentrates on data collec-tion in podcasting, platforms and podcast-networks. A smaller part is devoted to tech-nical obstacles. It is still relatively hard to launch a podcast, and for many people it also seems unlikely to subscribe to a podcast due to technical aspects. In addition, the thesis tries to offer a glimpse into the future. Here, the searchability of audio and automatic transcription could play very large role. In order to bundle various opinions and ideas, six experts were consulted in qualitative interviews in addition to a detailed literature review. 

The thesis is interesting for anybody who takes great interest in podcasting as well as for social- and economic-scientist. 


Keywords: podcasting, audio, monetization, iTunes, SoundCloud 

Autoren: Wilinski, Tobias
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