Attracting Startups within Creative-Industries and the High-Tech Sector. 

An Analysis of Location Factors from Stakeholders' Perspectives

On the one hand startups are considered as a warranty for future employment as well as an innovation driver in the Economic Sector. Hence countries, regions and cities start raising corresponding initiatives and support programs to draw startups (Sipola, Puhakka and Mainela 2013). On the other hand, startups are seeking for convenient locations with well-marked location factors in their (pre-) set-up phase by themselves.

This situation results in two main questions - one question for each of the two stakeholder groups:

  • for politicians, representatives and designers in charge of destination management and regional development: Which are the relevant location factors to attract startups?
  • for founders and entrepreneurs on their way to build their startup: Which are the relevant location factors to focus and thus their choice of location?

Recent studies concerning location factors are based on either a regional or sectoral survey by design, to gain fitted recommendations for practical action (Blair and Premus 1987). Thus, the underlying study of this article is a sectoral one and is focusing on startups within creative-industries and the high-tech sector (the so-called TIME sector).

Against the background of the two questions stated above and the interest for the TIME sector, a list of more detailed questions can be obtained:

  • Regarding the general interest for the characteristics of the TIME sector and the startups within this sector:

(1)  Which are the relevant location factors for startups within the TIME sector?

  • Regarding the challenges of destination management and regional development:

(2)  Is there a common understanding of the relevance of particular location factors and their characteristics between the different stakeholders?

(3)  What are the expected and anticipated changes in the relevance of the respective location factors in the near future?

Are there any interdependencies between some location factors, the region and the development of a prosperous startup ecosystem?


Vortrag auf Veranstaltung: Conference of the International Media Management Academic Association - IMMAA DISRUPTION IN MEDIA INDUSTRIES: MANAGEMENT AND EDUCATION CHALLENGES
Veranstaltungsort: Seoul, Korea
Datum: 27.10.2016 bis 29.10.2016


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