Why we should teach to understand exponential growth

And why corporate entrepreneurship can help to overcome the innovators dilema

Changes first come gradually - and then suddenly. This is the basic pattern of exponential growth an very often it to too late to react when it is happening. Often refered as the "Kodak moment". Players like Singularity University educate business leaders about exponential growth and the underlying technologies. As educators we should also teach those principles and how to cope with exponential change. Important skills are understanding technologies and their impact, agile methods of innovation management such as Desgin Thinking and Lean Startup Tools as well as being able to lead people through change.

Vortrag auf Veranstaltung: International Entrepreneurship Education Summut
Veranstaltungsort: Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
Datum: 30.11.2018


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Prof. Dr. Nils Högsdal  Elektronische Visitenkarte

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