Die Wahrnehmung der Employer Brand und deren Einfluss auf das Organisationale Commitment

Eine quantitative Erhebung in einem mittelständischen ITUnternehmen

Demographic change and its consequences for employee retention should not be underestimated in the future. In times of shortage of skilled workers and high fluctuation, qualified employees are becoming one of the most important resources for companies of all industries. In this context brands are becoming increasingly more important - especially in link to the labor market - in order to differentiate the company apart from other competitors. The employer brand ensures that companies are optimally positioned as employers. However, it is not only important to find potential employees, but also to retain current employees. A more internal perspective of the employer brand reveals the question, to what extent the employer brand - more precisely, its holistic perception in the form of the work experience - has an influence on the commitment of the employees in order to retain them long-term. Quantitative analysis was chosen as a method to clarify this question. An online questionnaire was distributed by e-mail to the employees of an IT company. This resulted in 161 participants taking part in the survey. The socio-demographic and structural data collected in the beginning of the study also allowed a more detailed examination of different predicators of organizational commitment. By means of hypothesis significance testing, conclusions could be drawn about the relationships and differences between the variables.

The results indicate that employees who have a positive perception of the employer brand show a higher level of organizational commitment. It was also found that job satisfaction can be regarded as an antecedent of organizational commitment. In summary, the present thesis could confirm that the perception dimensions of the employer brand have an influence on the commitment and thus the loyalty of the employees.

Autoren: Baisch, Katja
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