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The Institute for Games (IfG), founded in 2013, bundles all activities related to the topic of games at Hochschule der Medien. It serves as a platform for students, developers, publisher studios, manufacturers, associations and scientific institutions. Serveral degree programs contribute to it, teaching new ways of media production, film, sound, interactive media, games, computer graphics and animation, as well as mixed reality applications, thus enabling a wide selection of research opportunities. With our collaborative, human-centered practice and design-based research approach, we enable cultural institutions, SMEs, start-ups and industrial partners to explore new mixed reality and interactive worlds of experience experimentally and playfully together with our interdisciplinary experts.

As part of the research project "Digital Paths to Museum II" we collaborated with the natural history museum and the art musem Staatsgalerie ind Stuttgart. Within the ongoing process of defining the new role of museums in the rapidly changing society interactive learning through digital games could play a major role. The main research question we address in this research is how to enable meaningful digital museum experiences through games before, during and after the museum visit. Therefore, we followed a research through design approach to develop high fidelity game prototypes. Based on over 300 different users in total, we contribute specific game mechanics and their educational value for museums. Moreover, we produced a game design workshop toolkit which is based on the test results as well as our design process. The toolkit contributes to the development of new design methods to invite designers as well as museum members to playfully design meaningful games.

The two video reports listed below illustrate your reserach and evaluation results. 


Mitvortragende: Celina Retz, Axel Braun
Vortrag auf Veranstaltung: Innovation Day
Veranstaltungsort: Digital

Weiterführende Links:
Digitale Wege ins Museum: Naturkundemuseum
Digitale Wege ins Museum: Staatsgalerie
Game Design Workshop Toolkit


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