Veränderungsprozesse in Corporate Innovation Labs

In order to remain innovative and thus competitive, a growing number of companies in Germany seem

to resort to so-called Corporate Innovation Labs - spin-off units that develop and elaborate innovative

and digital business ideas with agile and flexible methods.

The aim of this explorative study is to answer the question of whether the changes in corporate innovation

labs over time follow specific rules and whether these can be represented in a phase model. In

order to answer the research question, the theoretical concepts of life cycle models and change management

models are examined. The two basic ideas of these concepts are linked and transferred to

the research subject. From this, corresponding theses on individual phases of a life cycle of Corporate

Innovation Labs are derived. The theoretical considerations are checked with a qualitative empirical


The result is a phase model with five development stages: Initialization, Pioneer and Orientation,

Growth, Scaling and Maturity.

The work is intended to stimulate academic interest in this emerging phenomenon and to promote discussion

of the associated benefits of such institutions. In addition, the phases can give an orientation

to less experienced practitioners in the planning, design and implementation of corporate incubators.

Autoren: Längst, Sandra

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Sandra Längst

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